[Rhythmbox-devel] case-insensitive filtering? synonyms?

Another little thought:
Would it be possible to offer the option for
"case insensitive filtering"?
That is, I have some files tagged as genre "jazz", and
others (MP3s) come up as genre "Jazz". These are obviously
the same genre.
In this particular case I'll likely re-tag everything to Jazz
(and Blues, Classical, Ambient, Pop, etc.)
but it would be nice to be able to ignore case in filtering.

This'll also help people who have tracks by NIN and Nin
(and "Nine Inch Nails"?), or Bach and bach, etc.


Another blue sky idea would be to deal correctly
with synonyms, like: "Tori Amos" and "Amos, Tori",
or "Bach", "J.S. Bach", "J. S. Bach", "Johann Sebastian Bach",
and so forth. (or "The Rolling Stones", "Rolling Stones",
"The Stones", etc.)

Indeed, once we get tag writing working via gstreamer, it would
be nice to offer some kind of "retag synonyms" option.
As noted above, one may wish to include:
- case changes
- "The" (except of course for "The The" ;-)
- Last, First vs. First Last
- Bach vs. J.S. Bach etc. -- especially for classical
- gratuitous     spaces     and
  space (though I don't think I've seen a return or tab in
  an artist name -- maybe a song name?)
- "and" vs. "&"
- ...and others (NIN, "The Stones", etc.)

Sound interesting?


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