[Rhythmbox-devel] esound/vorbis badness

hi there,

i'm using version 0.5.3 of rhythmbox on my GNU/Linux machine. i would like to
set up gstreamer-properties to use the ESD output rather than OSS... but when i
do this, rhythmbox seems to either freeze entirely upon finishing a vorbis song,
or complains that the file is "not a valid vorbis file". everythign works fine
with the OSS plugin, which i dont like using too much.

is this a bug with rhythmbox or should i contact the gstreamer team?

also... a small request: is there ever going to be support for editing vorbis
tags? when i look at the properties of a file, all the tags are read-only, it
would be nice to be able to edit them.

thanks for an excellent app!


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