Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] [REVIEW] Main window

> Yes, but 'cause we'll have it is better planning now. A future change
> will force us to change i.e. the documentation.

To my eyes this is more like "let's add some bloat now, because we might
need it", which is a very safe road to an ui disaster.

> Well, it will be useful for portable music player too.
> But IMHO build up a "music" data CD is more simple in rb then in
> nautilus-burn, 'cause you can browse songs via metadata, not filename.

I'm probably totally on crack, but this kind of things would work better
with a rhyhthmbox nautilus view ;)

> Yes, but is very simple and neat, isn't it?

No, ugly, dull, ... The old one was simple and neat (or would have been
without the progress bar)

> Plus HIG say that mixing fonts and styles is bad.

I could go into silly hci arguments, and say that this size thing
shouldn't be exposed to the user at all, that it is the only part of
rhythmbox where the complexity of the underlying file system is exposed
to the unsuspecting user, and that consequently it should go and stuff
like that if you start going the hig road ;)

Anyway, I don't care that much, I can use a locally modified copy with a
one line hack to make the statusbar fits my tastes, and my opinion is
recorded in this mailing list archives, so we can stop this argument now
and let walters do whatever he wants ;)


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