Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] how to update song properties

Quoting Joshua Haberman <>:

> Does that mean Gstreamer support for reading and writing tags is close
> to actually being usable?  And monkey-media/stream-info will be
> obsolete?
half done on my local box ... holidays now ... time to work on it ... will 
create branch soon ...
One problem though: Tagging support in GStreamer will _not_ work with the 
current stable 0.6 branch. It absolutely requires what is currently cvs HEAD or 

> Do the Gstreamer hackers need people to implement this functionality for
> specific formats?  I'm specifically thinking about FLAC, now that I know
> a thing or two about using its metadata facilities.
Sure. I'm doing it for vorbis and mp3 for testing as those 2 formats are as 
different as you can get. After it is in, we definitely need people to update 
elements for all other formats.

I'll cc devel with progress reports.


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