Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] caps on source pad

On Thu, 2003-10-02 at 20:17, Gisli Ottarsson wrote:
> Here is another one.  Rhythmbox has all of a sudden started popping
> up an Error dialog box with the message:
>   "could not set caps on source pad, aborting..."
> I have no idea what this means.  I initially thought I had touched
> caps lock or something on the numeric pad :-)
> I say "all of a sudden" because I have not noticed it until with a
> recent batch of MP3 (my library otherwise consists of OGGs) and
> it could be the the files or due to a recent Woody update (of things in
> general, not Rhythmbox or gstreamer).  But it could be
> an old thing which I have not noticed till now.
> If it helps, it is pretty repeatable.

This is the spider plugin in gStreamer not detecting the type of media
properly. This is a known issue.

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