Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Error on Rhythmbox startup

On Thu, 2003-10-02 at 21:10, Jeff Mitchell wrote:
> When starting Rhythmbox I get the following Warning:
> Failed to activate the shell: (null)
> The terminal window tells me that this probably means I installed
> Rhythmbox in a different prefix than bonobo-activation; this warning
> is harmless but IPC will not work.  I have no idea what this means,
> honestly, but I have no memory of touching any prefix settings.

At a guess, I would say that your gnome 2 installation is from your
distribution, and you compiled and installed rhythmbox from source
yourself?  Your gnome 2 installation prefix is probably something like
"/usr", and your rhythmbox prefix is "/usr/local".  As I understand it,
RB registers with bonobo so other apps can talk to it, and to put itself
in the notification area (please, someone correct/flame me if I'm

> If this is not something that is terribly important, good, but is
> there a way to supress this message?

You could edit your bonobo-activation-config.xml to include another
directory in the search path.  My bonobo-activation-config.xml is in
/etc/bonobo-activation.  First, find out where your rhythmbox .server
file is.  It is probably in /usr/local/lib/bonobo/servers.

Then, add that directory to your bonobo-activation-config.xml, between a
pair of <item></item> tags, which are themselves between
<searchpath></searchpath> tags.  The searchpath tags should already be


You will then need to restart bonobo-activation-server.  I usually do:
"killall bonobo-activation-server; killall gnome-panel" to accomplish

The alternative, easy way is to find a pre-packaged version of rhythmbox
for your distribution.


James Kahn <>

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