[Rhythmbox-devel] Before I forget...

Random stuff about my first day with rb HEAD:

- That thing is mighty cool.

- MonkeyMediaPlayer is not threadsafe but has to in the gst case. Take a
very small song (< 1 second) and watch it finish before the idle handler
emits the beginning signal. That causes an assertion in Rb.

- The buttons in the top left are not quadratic. Set Application font to
size 20 to see.

- The splitters should open/close views on single click. Look at how the
Nautilus splitter does it with the side pane.

- The show/hide browser widget needs an indicator if it has filtered the
list. It's a bit sucky if you filtered the list and have then hidden the

- The window title should probably be $TITLE by $ARTIST to match the text
inside RB's window and because the title is more important than the

- The "time" column is named "duration" in the preferences. "Track" is
called "Track Number" there, which is the other difference, but that one
is probably reasonable.

- Don't forget to hide the track unknown track numbers instead of
displaying -1.

- Shouldn't the "previous" button go to the start of the current song if
more than $TIME has elapsed instead of going to the previous one?

- Do we want a random number generator that can also calculate the
previous number, so we can go back in random playback instead of disabling
that button?

- Disable Edit/Properties when no song is selected.

- Enable drag and drop from files out of Rhythmbox so I can copy them into

- Help/Contents crashes here. Is this my borked Gnome or Rhythmbox?

- My brother wants visualization so he can chill to funky images while
listening to music, preferably as a screensaver. It's not that good an
idea to transmit raw audio via Bonobo to do a screensaver, is it? ;)

I think that's all for now :)


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