Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] linking mp3 decoders with rhythmbox

On Sat, 2003-05-10 at 15:22, Jorn Baayen wrote:
> We don't link against gstreamer plugins, thats the whole point of them..

That was my initial reply to havoc, but he said that a lawyer wouldn't
see it that way.  I believe this is the FSF's position on dynamic
linking too; it's the same as regular linking.

> but we *do* link against the mad library and that is problematic.

Either way, it's a problem.  Well really the law is the problem, but...

> What we need is to use the gstreamer metadata system, but it is not
> finished so we can't do that yet - but that will automagically solve all
> our problems.

I think both thomasvs and Company are looking into this, so we might
have a solution soon.

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