Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] audiocd view in (net)rhythmbox

In iTunes at least, search is kinda in the middle of the top right, but 
that is not very important because when the window is focused hitting 
tab always jumps to the search box.  Therefore, it is quicker to access 
then even a Fitts-ified corner button, it is only one key punch!

Also, search works on the currently selected playlist only.  Useful 
because playlists can get large, especially smart playlists.  Not as 
useful on CDs, but hey, consistency is important.  Again it is not a 
big problem that you have to select the library before searching it, 
because Command-L selects it.  Simple. ;)  Three key punches (a combo 
and a Tab) to search everything.  Although making it work with just one 
combination might be even better.


On Friday, May 9, 2003, at 06:40  PM, Daniel Borgmann wrote:

> On Fri, 2003-05-09 at 23:48, Colin Walters wrote:
>>> Put search in bottom corner is unusual, but do you know the Fitt's 
>>> law?
>>>         "The time to acquire a target is a function of the distance 
>>> to
>>>         and size of the target."
>>> According to Fitt's Law, targets placed along the edges of the screen
>>> are inherintly 'larger targets' because it's impossible to scroll 
>>> beyond
>>> the edge of a screen. Therefore targets should be placed along the 
>>> edges
>>> of the screen (Corners are even better, and directly under the mouse 
>>> is
>>> best).
>> Now, I don't claim to be a usability expert, but it seems to me that
>> Fitt's law doesn't apply here, because the search entry will only be
>> near the edge of the screen if you run rhythmbox maximized, and you
>> don't have a bottom panel.  That seems like a fairly uncommon case
>> (although I am sure there are some out there).
> Actually the only case where this matters is when the element directly
> touches the screen borders, so it doesn't apply at all here even when
> maximized. Having the search at the top would certainly be more
> efficient (according to Fitt's law :-)) because it's nearer to the 
> other
> controls where users will usually keep their mouse (not always the case
> of course). Additionally it's more convenient to move the mouse to the
> top right than to the bottom right (for right-handers).
> Of course you could always argue weither you will search so often that
> this really matters, but FWIW I would also vote for placing the search
> at the top.
> Daniel
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