Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] CLI / acme

On Thu, 2003-05-08 at 17:17, James Walker wrote:
> Greetings list,
> First off... I must say that netRB 0.4.8 is finally able to both
> import my 2500+ mp3 archive as well as reliably get the icecast
> metadata from streams... so job well done!
> One thing (at least ;), however is still missing, imho. That is a
> means to bind keys to controls (play, stop, next, etc).  As a sawfish
> user, I currently have a handful of bindings  for xmms, but I
> understand that "acme" might also be able to provide this
> functionality (though I've not looked into it).

acme just connects key "X" to the right keysym, that's all.

> My question is, has this idea been discussed and/or is there already a
> preferred strategy? Could I chip in some hours to make it happen?  I
> have not done any gtk/gnome development before, but would be
> interested in giving it a go (with a gentle push in the right
> direction ;)

See in totem (in gnome cvs), src/totem.c has the code for handling these


/Bastien Nocera

#2  0x4205a2cc in printf ("Oh my %s\n", preferred_deity) from
/lib/i686/ printf ("Oh my %s\n", preferred_deity);
Segmentation fault

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