Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] State Of The Rhythmbox

Zitat von Sriram Ramkrishna <>:

> Yes, this is a big one.
Which just reminded me of the biggest issues I have with Rb:
* Pressing play after starting Rb (with random mode) always plays the second 
song from the list.
* The time slider doesn't work. Especially when pausing/unpausing.

Some other things (mainly for coders):
* The Opt scheduler is broken in GStreamer cvs HEAD when using a loop-based 
output plugin (ie ALSA). It just stops midsong in an infinite loop. 
Pausing/unpausing continues just fine then. I have no idea if it happens in 
0.6, too.
* if you pause the pipeline, would it be a good idea to gst_element_set_state 
(output, NULL)? That way we don't lose the position we're at but free the 
output device. I don't know if that has any unwanted side effects, but maybe 
it's a good idea?


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