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I'll have a look at the online help, anyone got a suggestions for

Mark H.

On Wed, 2003-07-30 at 02:13, Colin Walters wrote:
> So I know things got kind of slow for a while; I was busy with some
> other projects and real life stuff.
> But I've had a little time in the last two days, so I spent it doing
> some Rhythmbox hacking.
> First, I'd like to announce that we have a new website:
> It is very simple, I know.  But I like things that way.  Moreover I
> completely despise PHP, so it just had to go :)  If anyone has any
> suggestions for the site, I am open to hearing them.
> Secondly, there have been a few thousand lines of changes to CVS HEAD. 
> The result is that playlists work, drag&drop works, cut&paste works.
> I gutted and repatched the node system, and the result is going to be
> more stable, I think.
> As far as I can think of, these were the general-consensus goals for a
> 0.5.0 release.  So I'd like to declare a feature freeze, and the start
> of bugfixing.  To help out the translators, it'd be nice if you could
> try not to make string changes too.
> There are definitely some important bugs remaining to be fixed.  Off the
> top of my head:
> * Figuring out why songs sometimes jump around on play
> * Making sure genres/artists/albums go away when all their songs are
> deleted
> * Adding a way to delete a playlist (this is a feature I guess :))
> Speaking of bugs, Bugzilla has been getting bloated again.  I haven't
> had time to do any triage really.  If someone stepped in and helped out
> here I would be *eternally* grateful.  Generally I haven't found
> Bugzilla to be a net win on my time, unfortunately.
> That's it for today!
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