Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Context menu in nautilus

Le ven 25/07/2003 à 10:20, Yann Rouillard a écrit :
> Mark Humphreys a écrit :
> > Have a look at I've
> > had this patch oustanding for a bit, but it never got applied.
> oups you're right !
> Well it's not useless since I have learned a bit of gnome.
> Anyway I looked at this patch and noticed it spawns a process, don't you 
> think it's better to use the corba thing ?

Yeah, calling the CORBA methods exposed in rhythmbox idl is probably a
bit cleaner. 
Yvan, two small (not really useful) comments about your patch: your
tarball should create a subdir, and be careful with the Rhythmbox-*
files (I believe you copied them from your rhythmbox tree). They are
autogenerated using orbit-idl, and there recently had been issues when
there is a mismatch between the orbit-idl which generated those files
and the libORBit which is installed. So keep that in mind if you start
seeing weird compile problems with your patch :)


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