[Rhythmbox-devel] Re: A thought for the future...

I'm new to the list, so I don't know how much this has been discussed.
I've looked though the archives a bit and while I saw some similar
ideas, I haven't seen anything in depth.

I was copying an old mp3 directory from an old machine and wanted to
play the files to see if I wanted to keep any of them. I love rhythm
box, but it would have been a pain to add them to the db just to remove
most I didn't want. I changed Nautilus to the audio view, and it was
sort of what I wanted, but very primitive and unstable.

Here's the idea. Separate Rhythmbox into two parts.

Database component -> Selection/Player component.

The selection/player component would be a Bonobo control.
There could be multiple database components. The standard Library
component and a database component that generates a list from a
specified directory on the fly.

The standard Rhythmbox program would then be the Library database
component, combined with the Selection/Player in a window of its own.

A Nautilus view could then be created that would use the directory
database component connected to the Selection/Player control which is
embedded into Nautilus.

This would allow you to use Rhythm box as normal for managing your
music, but if you wanted to look in the contents of a random directory
using Nautilus, you could use a simple Nautilus view to do it that has
all the power of Rhythmbox.

Anyway, this email's getting rather longish so I'll stop now to see what
everyone thinks.
---  Bob Smith <bob@thestuff.net>  ---

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