Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Re: Making the browser more useful

On Wed, 2003-07-02 at 16:23, David Scotson wrote:

> The browser in iTunes is used to create on-the-fly playlists by
> selecting groups of songs by genre, artist and/or album. By clicking on
> a single genre, artist or album you will find every track in that
> category listed below the browser in the main window. More complex
> selections can be made by shift- or command-clicking on more than one
> grouping at a time to give combinations like all genres but dance etc.

INTERESTING!!! Now we have only one selection per time.... And this
should make sense to checkbox in iTunes main list

> If you have the library selected and hit play, the tracks listed in the
> bottom pane will be used as the playlist. I'm typing this on a Red Hat
> box at the moment so I can't check this right now but I believe the
> default playorder is alphabetical by genre, then alphabetical by artist,
> then each track in album running order. Not brilliant, but I would guess
> it's the best you can do and works as expected for a single album. For
> more variety you can toggle shuffle and also set a preference to shuffle
> by song or by album.
> Again, I'm not at a Mac so I can't test this but I believe new
> genres/artists/albums added will be added to the end of the shuffled
> playlist so avoiding repeating any tracks until it loops (or simply
> stops if you have continous play turned off) and if fine-tuning below
> the level of album is needed then every song listed has a checkbox
> (checked by default) that can be deselected to skip individual songs.
> I'm not sure if I've done it justice, but this is an incredibly powerful
> interface for casual listening where exact song order is irrelevant and
> means I basically never have to create a 'standard' playlist.
> For those times that order is important, the browser can also be used to
> add collections of songs to a playlist by dragging and dropping a
> selection of one or more genres/artists/albums to the source window. It
> appends if you drop them on a current playlist or creates a new playlist
> with the genre/artist/album name if you drop it into a clear area. You
> can then begin to tailor the playlist by dragging songs into the correct
> order and/or deleting them.
> I've not yet installed rhythmbox as it seems to be in flux at the moment
> but if it doesn't already work like this please consider implementing
> this system.
> thank you,
> dave scotson
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