[Rhythmbox-devel] gstreamer 0.6.2 and monkeymedia

Hi all,

I've recently installed the 0.6.2 version of gstreamer, and now
monkeymedia builds but doesn't work!

test-cmdline gives me ...

INFO ( 5244: 0) Initializing GStreamer Core Library version 0.6.2
INFO ( 5244: 0) CPU features: (c1c7f9ff) MMX 3DNOW MMXEXT
INFO ( 5244: 0) registry: loaded user_registry in 0.059289 seconds
INFO ( 5244: 0) registry: loaded global_registry in 0.150298 seconds
Buffering beginning...
Buffering done!
Segmentation fault

gst-launch-ext with the same parameters works.

Is anyone else having this issue, or have I hosed my build again? The
version on 'mm' I am using is straight out of CVS.

Thanks in advance

Mark H.


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