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> This particular design has the very strong advantage of not having 2 or
> 3 lists in the same window, something I think most people will be
> intimidated and confused by.  (ie: "Wah?  Which one of these is the
> playlist?  Why isn't it playing in the order I want?", etc..) It also
> saves space, since the only time you really would want to browse your
> collection is when you want to add music to your current playlist.

Agreed. It also frees us from space constraints...

> One thought I had was to create a Nautilus view for RB, so that browsing
> your music would be in the same nice browsing interface as your file
> manager.  This *seems* natural to me, but maybe I'm hittin' the crack
> pipe here, too.  Otherwise, the 'crackhack' browse dialogs were pretty
> good, too.


Nautilus is a navigation-centric film manager. Rhythmbox as it stands is
a meta-data organised, library based music player. These are two totally
different metaphors and if mixed will IMHO create a horrible ui.

> Lars has some interesting ideas, too, but I think the strong focus on
> the status icon is a mistake.  From watching average "Joe User" types on
> Windows machines (I did tech support for a long time... *ugh*), I
> noticed that the Windows 'systray' (read: notification area) was
> practically *invisible* to the user, and that they really hated being
> forced to interact with the icons in it.

I totally agree. The tray is a great convenience, but should not be too
strongly relied upon IMHO. What I really liked about Lars' ideas was the
idea of breaking the verious pieces of music related functionality into
a collection of interconnected windows that are integreated into gnome
in the appropriate places.

> Radio and CD handling still perplex me a bit... I've been thinking about
> how to integrate them, and I have to admit to being pretty well stumped
> on a *good* way to go about it.  I keep wanting to advocate for the
> sidebar method, but apparently that's a Bad Idea(TM), from what I've
> overseen on the RB list.

Personally I would be perfectly happy with this:

Radio: 'Applications->Sound & Video->Internet Radio' brings you to the
stand along app (net-rhythmbox's radio view). Internet radio makes total
sense as a stand alone app because there is very little interaction with
other multimedia on the system. That is until srtream ripping
functionality is added. At that stage the approperiate links are made to
other parts of the proposed "Gnome Multimedia System" for lack of a
better name. eg. Ripped streams would be added to the library....

CD: Enhance and clean up the current gnome cd player. Give it ripping
functionality while retaining the ability to use it as a really simple
cd player.

> So what are peoples' thoughts on Jorn's 'crackhack' UI?

I like it. It would allow us to add some really powerful filtering.
Maybe i'm the only one who wants to see "all artist with more than one
song" or "all albums sorted by artist" or other advanced searches like

The really great thing about a UI like that is that we don't need to
have it all designed right now. We can add bits of it, and change little
bits of it and redesign little bits of it, without all the drama we've
seen recently ;) With that said, we should have a general idea of what
the we are doing before the coders start coding, and the moany people
with too many ideas and not enough coding skills start designing.

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