Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Music player UI

Mark Finlay <> wrote:
> My only specific comment is that the user may not notice that the
> notification area is there, or that there is a new icon in it, and
> currently it is not on the panel by default.

The default will likely change for most systems in the not to distant
future I guess, but of course the situation where the notification area
isn't available would still need to be handled.

If the notification area is something that soon can be expected on most of
the users' desktops, then perhaps in the few situations where it isn't
available it would be ok to simply show the playlist as a top-level window
instead (i.e. closing the window stops the sound)?

As for not noticing the icon, perhaps there could be an animation added
similar to what metacity currently does for minimized windows, e.g. a
box-outline moving from around the selected tracks towards the icon.

> ps. Check out . It was
> one of Jorn's mockups that he posted to the rhythmbox list while he was
> still hacking on rb.

The main window looks more or less like what I had in mind for the
playlist (though perhaps a little bit less compact).


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