Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Music player UI

> Comments?

My only specific comment is that the user may not notice that the
notification area is there, or that there is a new icon in it, and
currently it is not on the panel by default.

In general I love where you are comming from. I'm a strong supporter of
the unix philosophy that every program should perform one function and
perform it well.

Also, the idea of a music player as tightly integrated with the system
as you describe just makes my mouth water. Having different windows for
different functions would let us overcome a lot of the limitations that
rhythmbox currently has. not being able to play a song that is not in
the library for example.

The question is: Would this be a re-design of rhythmbox of an extention
of gnome-media/nautilus-media some other core package?

ps. Check out . It was
one of Jorn's mockups that he posted to the rhythmbox list while he was
still hacking on rb.
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