Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] netRhythmbox branch released

On Sun, 2003-02-09 at 05:45, MArk Finlay wrote:

> I'm going to be downloading this later on today, and the screenshot
> looks really cool.

Some of the UI has been fixed since the screenshot too :)

> This may have been asked before, but what the hey; I really love the
> unix philosopy to have each program do one thing and do it right.
> In that vain I think it would be cool to rip out all the library stuff
> out of netRb and call it gradio[1]. Then we could have HEAD as a simple
> library based mp3 player, and maybe someone might write a gstreamer
> based cd player/wripper (ie. with a lot more functionality than the
> current one in gnome).

Honestly, I think I like having library and iradio in one application; i
mean, they's both "music" that you can listen to.  I like being able to
flip back and forth.  

Right now I guess it doesn't seem like they share that much in common
besides just playback.  But once rhythmbox/net-rhythmbox get
visualization, burning CDs and stuff, it will be nice to have it
integrated, because the interface will be the same for both library,
iradio, and CD.

> To me a major benefit of this to netRb would be that you could put in
> all the fun stream ripping etc.. stuff without worrying that your going
> to distroy jorn's dream of a really clean simple unchanging interface.

At least at the beginning rhythmbox' goal was to have all this stuff
like internet radio, cd burning, etc.  It doesn't seem like that's
jorn's highest priority though.

For me it is.

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