Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox 0.6.2 problems

Ok, I fixed it. To recap, there are two bugs when enabling the mp4 support 
on rhythmbox. One is rhythmbox's and one is faad2's.

1. If you enable --enable-mp4 support, vorbis won't compile. The reason is 
because it (unessaserily?) tries to link against -lmp4v2 which doesn't exist 
because faad2 does NOT compile it by default (faad2 was compiled according 
to the suggested readme.linux file). You have to manually go to the <faad2 
folder>/common/mp4v2/ folder and "make" it there and then install it.
2. After you have installed mp4v2, both mp4 and ogg are enabled on 
rhythmbox's configure. That's good so far. A bit down the compilation, the 
mp4v2.h can't find the systems.h header on /usr/include/ because mp4v2's 
buggy "make install" script does not install that file! I had to manually 
copy that file from its folder to /usr/include in order to be able to 
compile Rhythmbox. After that was done, I am now up and running.

Please fix on CVS and file two bugs, one with the faad2 people, and one with 
the id3tag people for "forgetting" to include the pkgconfig .pc file for so 

Best Rgds,


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