Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox 0.6.2 problems

>Starting out simple, you should say what happens when you put in
>./configure --enable-vorbis --enable-mp4

Same problem: mp4 is enabled, but ogg gets disabled. Ogg only gets enabled 
if mp4 is not.

>What I think is happening is that the check for mp4 went ok, so -lmp4v2
>-lstdc++ were added to LIBS.  But something was wrong with either mp4v2
>or stdc++, and this caused all subsequent library checks to fail,
>because the checks were trying to include those libraries too.

I think you are on to something... ;)
This is Slackware 9.1-Current, gcc is 3.3.2, gstreamer 0.6.4, Vorbis/ogg 
libs 1.0.1.

>The config.log should have the details.  Could you post a bit of the
relevant output?

Attached to this email. Please let me know if you can't receive attachments.

BTW, here is a small portion of the ./configure script where ogg doesn't 
work if mp4 is enabled.

checking whether to use inline assembler routines for atomic integers... 
checking for id3tag >= 0.15.0b... yes
checking ID3TAG_CFLAGS...
checking ID3TAG_LIBS... -lid3tag -lz
checking for gst-inspect... (cached) gst-inspect
checking GStreamer element mad... found.
checking mp4.h usability... no
checking mp4.h presence... no
checking for mp4.h... no
checking for Ogg... no
*** Could not run Ogg test program, checking why...
*** The test program failed to compile or link. See the file config.log for 
*** exact error that occured. This usually means Ogg was incorrectly 
*** or that you have moved Ogg since it was installed.
checking FLAC/all.h usability... yes
checking FLAC/all.h presence... yes
checking for FLAC/all.h... yes

Any ideas how to fix the problem?


> > Can someone please tell me why can't I have both ogg and mpeg4 support 
> > the same time on Rhythmbox? So, here is the story: I noticed that the
> > configure script was saying that it didn't have mpeg4 support. I went 
> > downloaded the faad2 library (I assumed it wanted faad2, no other info 
>is to
> > be found on the README), installed it fine and enabled it on the 
> > script with --enable-mp4 and indeed the result was rhytmbox finding faad 
> > telling me this now:
> > configure:    MPEG-4 support is enabled
> > But at the same time it would give me:
> > configure: ** Ogg Vorbis support is disabled
> > Taking out the --enable-mp4 would enable Ogg but would disable mp4. 
> > to shade some light here? I am not particularly knowledgable on audio
> > formats and their interdependancies or backends (neither I really care 
> > know more than I do on the subject to be honest :)

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