Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox 0.6.2 problems

>I believe this caused this bug
><>. Only some
>distributions add a pkgconfig file for libid3tag, and it prevents people
>from using mp3 support on these distros, It seems to affect both 0.6.2
>and 0.7, although 0.7 is mitigated by the gst metadata support.

Yup, I hit the same problem on my Slackware-current, but this is not really 
a distro bug per se, it is mostly a libid3tag bug. I had the library 
installed, but the .pc file was nowhere to be found. I went to downloaded it 
again and compile it from here but the .pc file 
is not part of their latest tarball either. I had to download a RPM I found 
on the web, convert it to a slackware .tgz and literrally steal its .pc file 
in order to get it to work with the configure of Rhythmbox.

But that was easy to solve...

Can someone please tell me why can't I have both ogg and mpeg4 support at 
the same time on Rhythmbox? So, here is the story: I noticed that the 
configure script was saying that it didn't have mpeg4 support. I went and 
downloaded the faad2 library (I assumed it wanted faad2, no other info is to 
be found on the README), installed it fine and enabled it on the configure 
script with --enable-mp4 and indeed the result was rhytmbox finding faad and 
telling me this now:
configure:    MPEG-4 support is enabled
But at the same time it would give me:
configure: ** Ogg Vorbis support is disabled
Taking out the --enable-mp4 would enable Ogg but would disable mp4. Anyone 
to shade some light here? I am not particularly knowledgable on audio 
formats and their interdependancies or backends (neither I really care to 
know more than I do on the subject to be honest :)



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