[Rhythmbox-devel] development on 0.7, plans for a 0.6 release

A number of major changes are happening on the --0.7 branch.  The
playback parts of monkey-media have been taken out, and put into a new
"player" directory, with both GStreamer and xine-lib backends.

There is also a new "metadata" toplevel directory which deals solely
with reading song metadata.  It has two backends: GStreamer (using the
new GStreamer tagging stuff) and monkey-media.  

There are new configure options: --with-player=gstreamer|xine, and

The default is to use GStreamer for both metadata reading and playback. 
This means that Rhythmbox no longer depends on libid3tag, libvorbis,

You can use --with-player=gstreamer and --with-metadata=monkey-media,
but you can't do --with-player=xine and --with-metadata=gstreamer.

Now, as for the --0.6 branch: I'd like to cut another release fairly
soon.  We have a number of bugfixes, plus I'd like to get Jeffrey
Yasskin's new shuffle work merged over there (Jeffrey, do you want to do
that?).  There's also new translations.

After the 0.6.2 release, what I plan to work on next is tag writing

So: thoughts, questions, comments, concerns, flames?

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