Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] A Christmas wish-list

On Sat, 2003-12-13 at 17:20, Douglas McMorris wrote: 
> >
> > A couple of suggestions, if I may (based on RB 0.6.1)
> >
> > 1) A clear button next to the Search field.  Admittedly Ctrl-U is easy
> > enough to type but this is only convenient if you are about to type
> > something else into the field and have your hands on the keyboard.  If
> > you are mousing round, you have to go to the keyboard to get rid of an
> > unwanted search string. Incidentally, I am often annoyed by an obsolete
> > search string.  Perhaps the Search field should simply be cleared as a
> > side-effect of poking around the interface.  For instance, selection in
> > the Genre Artist or Album could clear the field.  Certainly it seems
> > that clicking one of the All's might clear the search field.  I don't
> > see a user scenario where one would want the search string to remain
> > after switching Genres.
> Delete works from the keyboard as well.... AFAIK, filtering in the browser
> clears the search box... or maybe it used to, I'm not at a linux box to
> test right now.

Filtering does not clear the search box for me.  

I was looking for a handy way to clear the search field *without* going
to the keyboard.  Of course it is possible to select the search text
(double click or right-mouse-menu->select_all) and cut

Anyway, my point was that this feels sort of awkward and it frequently 
happens to me that I have totally forgotten about an old search and
filter on a particular album only to find that it has *no tracks*.  The
reason is that it is still searching for a string and this string is
not found on this album.  If filtering cleared the search this would
not happen (although I suppose that might raise other issues).

> > 2) Full-screen mode.  It would be nice to be able to turn my laptop into
> > a Rhythmbox appliance next to my stereo and have maximum screen
> > utilization.
> I'm not sure that this would ever be done in rhythmbox... metacity does
> have a fullscreen mode though.  It essentially stretches a window to fill
> the screen and removes window decoration.  If you poke around in gconf,
> you should find the setting for its keyboard shortcut

I have not yet switched from Sawfish so I wouldn't know.  Furthermore,
I would have wished for a fuller fullscreen than what you describe,
something like what Galeon provides.  No window decorations or border
and obscuring all edge panels.

> > 3) What is the deal with the local volume control?  Am I missing
> > something?  Last night I wanted to turn the volume up the max. I
> > had to raise the volume in three places, in RB, in PCM and the
> > master volume.  Is this a gstreamer thing?  Could the volume
> > control on RB be wired to PCM or Master.  If there are aspirations to
> > play CDs it should probably be the Master volume.
> This is done intentionally.  Mostly for instances where you want music
> playing in the background, but you have something like gaim or a game that
> you want to be louder.  I don't really use this feature, or pcm for that
> matter, so I just leave it at 100%

Very good explanation.  I now understand the reason.



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