Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] [PATCH] add command line option play-pausewithout focusing

> I added a commind line option to toggle play/pause but without focusing 
> the window.  Arguably, --play-pause should be modified to not focus, and 
> another option --focus could be added to explicitly focus the window.

If you run rhythmbox with no parameters and one is already running, you
want to focus it and bring it on the current desktop. I agree that in
the other cases (play/pause/backward/forward/print current song, ...)
the window shouldn't be brought to top. Do you feel like implementing
some smart focusing scheme along with a --focus option ?

> P.S.  I hope the only reason you don't allow non-list members to post is 
> to prevent spam.  Othewise, it's a bit weird and restrictive.  Have a nice 
> day.
You can subscribe to the "post-only" mailing list on to
be able to post to any list without being moderated.


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