Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] [PATCH] add command line option play-pausewithout focusing

> I added a commind line option to toggle play/pause but without focusing 
> the window.  Arguably, --play-pause should be modified to not focus, and 
> another option --focus could be added to explicitly focus the window.

I agree here.  But would also be nice for ff/rw.  If this was the case,
I could probably (finally) switch from xmms to rb at work (where I use
lineak and the audio control buttons on my keyboard).  It's annoying
having rb focus when I change songs, since it moves from its virtual
desktop to whichever one I'm working in, and makes me take time to put
it back.

> P.S.  I hope the only reason you don't allow non-list members to post is 
> to prevent spam.  Othewise, it's a bit weird and restrictive.  Have a nice 
> day.

Yeah, there was a bad bout of spam last week, and non-member posting was


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