Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox tray icon - again

On Thu, 2003-08-28 at 22:34, Colin Walters wrote:
> 1) Is this feature total crack or not?  One concern - could it
> potentially be confusing to newbies who have accidentally hidden then
> window and then don't know how to get it back?
Personally I think this is something we should try and resolve with the
HIG team. I do not see anything in regards to tray/notification use in
the HIG proper. As many have said, gaim uses its own behavior.

What we need to do is decide on a standard that can added to the HIG for
others to follow. If we plan to make the notification area not like the
well known windows system tray, then we need some sort of standard to
govern this.

As to what we should do, I think an applet is best. I prefer to try and
reserve the notification area to apps that are not user driven. IE acme
is a good example. I do not need a acme window open all the time. I may
use it once every 6 months to setup a new key. Other then that, it just
sits there. The benefit is that it notifies me that it is running by
keeping an icon in the "tray".

When we talk about music applications, I think if the user needs control
outside of the interface, and applet should be used. However the
downfall of this becomes to over abundance of applets.

We could still use the tray if need be, but limit what it does. I do not
see the need to control RB from it. I can see it giving me status info
by icons for playing paused. It also can be used to hide the window from
the window lists if need be, but thats it.

Of course then the next issue you may encounter is the lack of the
notification applet being used at all. There should be some sort of way
to determine if it is in use or not, and if not, everything is
controlled by the window list. If present, it can hide. This forces the
window to be available no matter if the tray is used or not.

My 2 cents for the evening. Now back to homework.

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