[Rhythmbox-devel] artist / album searching


Another way to search through the artists and albums list would be to 
implement "quick-find" like behaviour for those lists when they have the 
keyboard focus. That is, if either are focused, then pressing a letter 
zooms and selects the first list item whose name starts with the same 
letter. Pressing the same letter multiple times iterates through the 
rest of the list items starting with that letter.

This would allow people with large artist lists (like me! :) to *really* 
quickly zoom to the artist they thinking of. It's less useful for the 
album list, except perhaps when you have all artists selected and so a 
seeing all albums.

What does everyone think?

Mike Gratton <jabber:mjg@jabber.vee.net> <http://web.vee.net/>

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