[Rhythmbox-devel] systray hiding


I've just checked out the latest cvs (having not played with rb for a
few weeks) and have found that I can no longer hide the rb window from
the systray icon. I've spotted the long thread on the mailing list, and
the consensus seems to be that this behaviour is somehow outside the
guideline for the systray, but I for one think that is (was) a great

 I for one (and I knwo others) generally have rb running most of the
time I'm using my PC, and being able to start a album/playlist/station
playing, and them hide the window and not bother with it was very useful
- I don't have another app sitting in the task manager with I never
touch. So I'm simply expressing a users' point of view, and say that the
feature should go back!

</rant> :-)


Dave Rigby 

(please direct any replies straight to me as I'm not on the list atm -

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