[Rhythmbox-devel] Library Rescan.

Adding a song or two by hand isn't that hard with the current interface,
but adding whole directories (say I've ripped a new CD) is a pain, as is
making Rhythmbox pick up that I've changed a bunch of ID tags/filenames. 
Rhythmbox seems to correctly eliminate dead entries in the database, but 
doesn't pick up on new ones. 

There seems to be no easy way of telling Rhythmbox to rebuild the
database.  The best option I've found is to fire up gconf-editor, and
unset the "first time" flag and let Rhythmbox resan.

Surprisingly, rescanning this way doesn't take a significant amount of
time since the database is already mostly built.  Rhyhmbox does the right
thing: it just removes the dead entries, and adds in any changes it finds.

I'd like to make this rescan something that is either done at startup, or
is done through an entry in (say) the File menu.

I've got a vague idea how to go about implementing it, but I'm curious as
to what would be best interface-wise.  Just a "Rescan" option in the file
menu that brings up a dialogue where you specify a directory to scan?  Or
would something else be better?

Alex Goddard
agoddard at purdue.edu

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