[Rhythmbox-devel] no true support for external media storage

Many people store their mp3s collections on CD-ROMs.

At the moment there is no way to handle external media, or even two
separate sources (e.g, local and network). Please read on...

Everything is in place... all that is required to record "source".

In the case of CD-ROMs, record the label name, display that name in the
left panel in a tree structure under library. It should be editable so
the user can cleanup any ugly names. The reason for this is so all songs
on a CD-ROM can be listed. A separate panel for "sources" is also
possible. This can be extended to include different sources (separate
base directories, local and network, private and public, etc).

Now when I request a song which is on a CD-ROM the program will ask 
that I insert the corresponding CD-ROM. At the moment it complains I
made a mistake. :)

Other suggestions... 

1) Include a stop/play (toggles from one state to another) button which
will release program control of resources. I had to switch to a radio
station to unmount a CD-ROM. It is annoy to get a "busy" signal. A
newbie would have no clue what to do.

2) Include some automation for adding CD-ROMs... one has to
mount/unmount manually. A program call 'gtktalog' handles this quite
well. Something like "Add CD-ROM to library" command? 

Select command -> eject tray -> request CD -> mount -> scan -> add to
tree -> eject -> next.

3) Extra commands or utility to export music data. (e.g. HTML page of My
collection", or HTML catalog). XSL translations perhaps?

4) Add a genre branch to Radio in Source panel. The "Show Browser" was
not self-evident, found it by asking "What is this for?" in the menu.
Believe it or not I use evolution. If it was in the source panel and
expanded on first start it will be self-evident. Not to mention the
browser for the radio takes up space.

5) Have import/export radio lists... this way others can quickly share
the radio stations they find. Just a simple XML file.

6) Add Location... asks for the URI of the *file*. It is not
self-evident how to add a directory. Some people might assume there is
no way to add a directory.

7) Volume control controls PCM option?

8) Right clicked selected files gives Create Playlist option which
brings up "New Playlist" dialog with selected already checked.

9) When selecting songs have the status bar indicate count and length of
songs selected. Why? To have drop and drag selection for creating a
music CD, this option will tell you when you have enough.

10) Separation playlist panel/dialog during creation?

11) Properties option to the drop-down menu of an already created menu.
The only way to change the name of a playlist is to re-create it.

12) Back up the data files.  While using the program pan my home
partition was filled to capacity and when pan tried to rewrite its data
files the result was the files were erased. Everything, accounts,
preferences, filters, all were erased. 

All of this is in the spirit of healthy criticism. The program works and
is functional but still missing many feature a power user might want.

Sincerely Phoenix

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