Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] PRErelease and preparation for final release


I think my corrupted pngs are 'cos I have to upload them via a Windows PC. I am now have a dial up connection, so I will try and get them all fixed tonite or tomorrow.

Is this going to be too late?

Mark H.

>  from:    Colin Walters <>
>  date:    Wed, 13 Aug 2003 05:40:25
>  to:
>  subject: Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] PRErelease and preparation for final release
> Hi,
> I think I just squished 119193, our last longstanding release blocker. 
> That leaves one other serious bug of concern, 119605.  If you have seen
> this bug before, please let me know.  Since I haven't heard anything
> about this bug from anyone else, I am reluctant to really let it block
> the release until we know for sure it's a real bug in rhythmbox.  This
> kind of bug is also something we can reasonably push to 0.5.1, since it
> doesn't really affect "daily operation".
> I've cut another prerelease,  There are only three remaining
> tasks to be done before 0.5.0 that I can think of. 
> First, I'd like Mark Humphrey's patch to restore the help documentation
> to go in, and we're just waiting on him to figure out why his .pngs were
> corrupted.
> After that, we need to double-check that translations are updated to
> account for the help menu addition.
> And finally, it would be great if people could submit patches to add
> their favorite stations to iradio-initial.pls.  This is noncritical, but
> it would be nice.
> And that should be it!
> Can anyone think of anything else? 
> Oh yeah, and please bang on
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