[Rhythmbox-devel] PRErelease and preparation for final release


I think I just squished 119193, our last longstanding release blocker. 
That leaves one other serious bug of concern, 119605.  If you have seen
this bug before, please let me know.  Since I haven't heard anything
about this bug from anyone else, I am reluctant to really let it block
the release until we know for sure it's a real bug in rhythmbox.  This
kind of bug is also something we can reasonably push to 0.5.1, since it
doesn't really affect "daily operation".

I've cut another prerelease,  There are only three remaining
tasks to be done before 0.5.0 that I can think of. 

First, I'd like Mark Humphrey's patch to restore the help documentation
to go in, and we're just waiting on him to figure out why his .pngs were

After that, we need to double-check that translations are updated to
account for the help menu addition.

And finally, it would be great if people could submit patches to add
their favorite stations to iradio-initial.pls.  This is noncritical, but
it would be nice.

And that should be it!

Can anyone think of anything else? 

Oh yeah, and please bang on


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