Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Musicbrainz and RB

So lemme get this straight.
Here's what I think I learnt so far:
1) Musicbrainz is a database of artists, albums and titles.
2) Titles are different if they are on different albums. (So the same song may 
be different titles if it appears on a studio album as well as a Greatest Hits 
album or a sampler)
3) Musicbrainz assigns each artist, album or title a unique ID.
4) Each title has one or more TRM IDs, which get extracted from differently 
compressed audio streams of a title.
5) The computation of TRM IDs is completely secret.
6) The computation of TRM IDs is not much better than using an md5 of the raw 
audio data.

Considering this, I don't like 2 and especially 5 but I'll leave that for some 
private discussion on IRC someday.

Apart from this, I think musicbrainz support belongs into GStreamer in the end. 
You could just compute the ID out of some raw audio stream there. And you'd 
even have that functionality available to other apps. (Someone imagined 
Nautlius auto-tagging files with musicbrainz yet? ;))


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