Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] features

On Sat, 2003-08-09 at 20:43, Damien Covey wrote:
> 1.  Multiple selections from within the browser.
> Reasoning:  Currently it is only possible to view either all songs in 
> the entire Library or a subset by choosing Genre, Artist, Album 
> combinations.  There is no way to show only songs from say two artists.
> Suggestion:  Allow multiple selection of Genre Artist Album via the use 
> of ctrl-clicking in the browser.

This would be nice, and is a fairly standard usage.

> 2.  Search mechanism from browser list headings.
> Reasoning:  Although the search box is usefull for general searching it 
> can be too broad.  For example if I wanted to search for an album with 
> the word 'work' in it I would currently use the search box and I would 
> have displayed all songs with the work 'work' in them even though I was 
> just interested in the album with that word.

This functionality would be nice.

> Suggestion:  Double clicking on on the Genre, Album, Artist list 
> headings would bring up a search box that searches only on that type, ie 
> Genre, Album or Artist.
> Drawback:  Discoverability, how will users know that these headings are 
> double-clickable or indeed searchable.  Perhaps we should split the list 
> header into two parts with the right being a search button that only 
> requires one click for search on?

To put it another way, 'why do it in some way different from every other
table widget I've ever seen, and which conflicts with sorting by column

I'd suggest providing this functionality the way evolution does ['type'
dropdown next to the search field], which is a familiar usage idiom for
most GNOME users, and which I believe nautilus is considering adopting
if/when the medusa branch is merged in.


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