RE: [Rhythmbox-devel] Musicbrainz and RB

On Fri, 2003-08-08 at 13:53, Kyle Boon wrote:
> Here's my musicbrainz in 30 seconds schpeel.


> has data on how often collisions
> and things happen.

Ouch, it looks like TRMs which map to multiple tracks are over 10%,
that's definitely significant.

> So, in the windows tagger for musicbrainz, after the TRM is generated,
> there is some comparison done with song length and then meta data to try
> and determine the correct song. A confidence rating is determined in the
> guess and reported to the user. The user then has the final decision on
> the correctness of the guess. 

Hm, fun.  We will have to do something like that too I guess.

> If you have a windows partition, I recommend trying out the tagger to
> see for yourself how it works. I am a big musicbrainz fan and I think it
> would be great to add musicbrainz support to RB. In fact that's the
> entire reason I'm on this list and why I've checked out the RB source
> and started playing around with it.

I don't have access to windows...maybe someone could make a screenshot?

> I believe RB should have support for identifying and then retagging
> files based on the MB identification but I don't think it should be
> automatic; the user definitely needs to agree the identification is
> correct. After that it would be great to have a meta data moderation
> interface built into RB, similar to the way the windows tagger does this
> now. 

I agree.  Although we could automatically try for files without tags.
This of course ties in with the whole metadata writing issue too...

> Eventually I think it would be interesting to use musicbrainz as a
> source for meta data to allow for richer searching / discovery about
> your own music collection. For instance I'm listening to The Sex Pistols
> and I want to know how many of the Sex Pistols CDs are in my collection.
> Or I could generate a list of songs that the Sex Pistols recorded but I
> don't own. 

That is a pretty cool idea actually.

> Anyway, my current plan is to try my hand at some small patches (bug
> fixes or small features) until I am comfortable enough with the code
> base to propose how Musicbrainz integration could be done in more
> detail.

Cool.  Well, one thing to start on would be a dialog for choosing
between songs after a TRM collision.  That shouldn't be too hard.  Also,
you should have a look at monkey-media-stream-info.c, it has some
Musicbrainz stuff. 

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