Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] libid3tag vs. libid3

If you want an honest answer from somebody who tried to use this thing:
It's an overengineered piece of crap with an API that is just shit (even if you 
don't use the incomplete C wrapper but the native C++ interface). The 
documentation is lacking and unordered (thanks again to doxygens easy-to-mess-
docs-up features) and the configure stuff to correctly detect id3lib is 
horrible, too.
Oh, and a former maintainer (wheels) agreed that it sucks.


Quoting Carlos Perelló Marín <>:

> Hi people, I was looking at the libid3tag library (that is using
> rhythmbox) and I can only see basic fields available (the ones from
> ID3V1), it can read / write (I think) the ID3V1 && ID3V2 header but it
> does not use the new ID3V2 fields (like the image encoding that lets us
> store/retrieve an album photo), thus, I was looking for other libid3tag
> libraries available and I found the libid3 one, it's written using C++
> but has a C interface. I was talking about it at #rhythmbox channel and
> Bastien told me that he does not like the idea of use libid3 because
> it's an overengineered c++ library.
> Any idea/suggestion about this issue?
> Cheers.
> -- 
> Carlos Perelló Marín
> Debian GNU/Linux Sid (PowerPC)
> Linux Registered User #121232
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> Valencia - Spain

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