Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Task request

On Thu, 2003-08-07 at 21:49, Carlos Perelló Marín wrote:
> Hi, I'm tired to use xmms or iTunes to manage my MP3/Vorbis header
> information so I want try to implement that feature with rhythmbox.

It's a pretty big missing feature, yeah.

> I have already located the files that should be changed/updated and I
> think I'm able to implement it.
> I have a question, is there a way to change the ID3 like headers
> directly with gstreamer? 

I think the answer is "not yet".  It's something we'd all like to see in
GStreamer.  Thomas Stichele has done some work on this:

> The way that monkeymedia is getting that
> information is accessing directly to the file. I don't know if it's
> because gstreamer lacks that functionality (but it will be implemented
> in the near future) or the direct access is the best way to do it?.

In the long term, we want to kill off monkey-media, or at least just
turn it into just a thin wrapper library for playback.  What exactly it
will be replaced with is kind of an open topic, and one I am not
personally concerned with at the moment until 0.5.0 is out the door.

So I think ideally, you'd be able to help Thomas implement his library,
and we could dump the metadata stuff from monkey-media.  But if you hack
monkey-media and get it to work reliably, I'm sure the patch would be

Anyways, this kind of this is being discussed on the gnome-multimedia
list, because this also affects other programs like nautilus-media and

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