Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] release approaching

> I just fixed groups and this was the last major bug I know of in the
> current RB. Speed and stability is good now, I want to pump out a
> release this week.


> - we need a gtk patch commited (#96851), this causes the current crash
> on exit, should prolly add a workaround for this for now

we dont want to have the release dependent on updating or patching gtk -
so a workaround would be really great.

also as Luis pointed out, if tag editing isn't in then the song info
fields should not be editable - i'm not sure if this has been done yet.

> One more thing: If someone could update the manual that would be great

Mark is much better at that than me, but if he can't get to it i may be
able to fit it in next friday or saturday. 

Also it would be great to get some of Luca Ferretti's suggestions
included in the manual so that it is easier for him to translate.

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