Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] right click context menu?

> Rightclicking is isn't more efficient than dragging songs to the
> playlist.. so I really do not see a point for this. What's the
> difference between this and a manually created group? (Apart from not
> being able to rename/delete it, and a different icon)

well it's not so much about effiecency but about encorperating the idea
of a current playlist

> > 
> > The reasoning behind this was that user are used to being able to make
> > once (or twice) off playlists. ie. in the next hour i want to listen to
> > these two songs but i never want to listen to them in that combination
> > again.
> Yes. This is something we need to do in RB in some way. Seth had some
> ideas on this back when we designed the new RB UI, however I think they
> were a bit confusing. I plan to look at this again soon.

yeah, it needs some thought, that would just be my idea...

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