Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] dependencies for release

Il ven, 2002-11-01 alle 20:02, MArk Finlay ha scritto: 

> anyone running mandrake 9.0? wanna help me work out what is required to
> get rb up and running on it?
Maybe one day I'll have an ADSL (or ASDL?), until now I'm doing the best
I can... so, yeah, I've a mdk9. 

rhythmbox -> monkey-media +-> musicbrainz 
                          +-> gst-plugin +-> gstreamer->... 
                                         +-> mad 
                                         +-> ...

I use tar.gz + configure + make + make install (or cvs co + ./
+ ... :-), so no idea about real rpm you need (I've to remove all and
reinstall as rpm) but while I'm writing this mail I've rebuild some rpms
        * musicbrainz-1.1.0,tar.gz (from or
        * mad-0.14.2b-4mdk.src.rpm (from mandrake cooker)

So now I've some musicbrainz[..]rpm, musicbrainz[..]rpm, mad0[..]rpm,
libmad0[..]rpm and libmad0-devel[..]rpm 

In my opinion you need all to rebuild gstreamer/monkeymedia and
all-but-not-devel to simply install precompiled packages. I can try,
mmmhh, in a week, probably.

I can upload those in my web space, so can be used in

I can try to package mm and rb for mdk9, and probably (I've 0.4.1.tar.gz
and no many time or desire to download srpm from cooker) gstreamer too.

I love music, so I hate music factory


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