gnome-network-displays 0.90.4


Please note that there is a pipewire issue currently that breaks the
GNOME shell integration currently. This problem has been fixed already in
pipewire as of commit 95192b21f152ba6fa769049a2298aba1221f794d (mem: reset
the map in clear).

 * Add firewalld integration (#134)

UI translations:
 * Lctrs (fr)
 * Piotr Drąg (pl)
 * Rafael Fontenelle (pt_BR)
 * Yuri Chornoivan (uk)

GNOME Network Displays 0.90.3

 * Work around keep-alive problems with Microsoft v2 adapters (#20)
 * Disable keep-alive for pure RTSP connections (#81)
 * Work around LG devices by using a shorter session ID (#78)
 * Plenty of other bugfixes

GNOME Network Displays 0.90.2

 * Improve QOS handling/performance of gstreamer pipeline
 * Fix issue with pipeline never stopping at disconnect

New and updated translations:
 * Italian
 * Turkish

======== (570K)
  sha256sum: 289136b8fcefc6ad378ce3255c51fc1a6a020583ac1dc5f394b77759beb35613

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