gtk 3.99.0


* Remove the old accessibility implementation and
  add the foundations for a new one that is based
  on ARIA. The relevant widget api is GtkAccessible,
  the backend implementations will use GtkATContext.
  Currently, there is just a nascent test backend.

* Update the GTK headers to use char *, int, float and
  double instead of the corresponding GLib types.

* Add GtkEditableLabel, a label that can be edited

* Add GtkBookmarkList, a list model for bookmarks

* Add GtkStringList, a list model for strings

* Add GtkBitset, and use it for representing selections

* GtkTreeView:
 - Make cell editing work again

* GtkSpinButton:
 - Make autosizing work again

* Printing:
 - Use GtkDropDown in the print dialog

* GtkApplication
 - Support opening files on OS X

* GtkFileChooser:
 - Fix libcloudproviders support
 - Turn GtkFileFilter into a GtkFilter
 - Simplify the api

* GtkGridView, GtkListView:
 - Improve scrolling behavior
 - Autoscroll and autoexpand during DND

* GtkScrolledWindow:
 - Make autoscrolling work again

* GtkFilterListModel:
 - Add incremental filtering
 - Add a boolean filter, GtkBoolFilter

* GtkSortListModel:
 - Use timsort
 - Add various tweaks that massively speed up sorting
 - Add incremental sorting

* GtkWidget:
 - Massively speed up action handling

* GtkEntry:
 - Make entry completion work again
 - Drop action support from GtkEntryCompletion

* Inspector:
 - Improve list model support
 - Add direct navigation between objects
 - Show accessibility information

* GDK:
 - Compress scroll events
 - Keep a scroll history
 - Clean up GdkDevice api
 - Drop the master/slave device split
 - Move axes to GdkDeviceTool
 - Change monitor workarea to be per-backend API
 - Improve frame clock accuracy
 - Add a new macOS backend
 - Add an ANGLE-based GLES renderer for Windows

* GSK:
 - Use GL_ARB_framebuffer_object

* gtk-demo:
 - Add incremental refill to the color grid
 - Improve performance of the color grid
 - Add an incrementally filtering word list
 - Improve the sidebar

* Install print-editor as another demo

* Translation updates

======== (18.0M)
  sha256sum: 46828f4b37520a33a96787bb8b45236bde57f4bada3b21ea2cccf3a683eab2a2

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