libhandy 0.85.0


- HdyAvatar:
  - Add the icon-name property to allow setting a different default icon
    than avatar-default-symbolic.
  - Ship avatar-default-symbolic as a resource to ensure it's there.
    This shouldn't affect icon themes already offering it.
  - Check the icon exists before using it to avoid a crash.
- HdyDeck and HdyLeaflet:
  - Allow dragging the higher sibling only from the border where it
    sits, rather than from the anywhere on the currently visible child,
    reinforcing spatialization.
  - Add the get_child_by_name() methods.
- HdyLeaflet:
  - Rename the 'allow-visible' child property into 'navigatable'.
- HdySwipeable:
  - Add a navigation direction param and a gesture type param to
- HdyPreferencesWindow:
  - Allow presenting a subpage over the window via the new
    present_subpage() and close_subpage() methods.
  - Add the 'can-swipe-back' property to allow closing a subpage via a
    back swipe gesture.
  - Exclude untitled rows as well as invisible pages, groups, and rows
    from the search results.
- HdyKeypad:
  - Replace the 'show-symbols' property by 'letters-visible'.
  - Replace the 'only-digits' property by 'symbols-visible', whose
    boolean meaning is inverted.
  - Replace the 'left-action' property by 'start-action'.
  - Replace the 'right-action' property by 'end-action'.
  - Make the 'entry' property declare it uses the GtkEntry type rather
    than GtkWidget.
- HdySqeezer:
  - Add the 'xalign' and 'yalign' properties to help aligning the
    children during transitions.
- HdyViewSwitcherTitle:
  - Set the 'policy' property default to 'auto' as in HdyViewSwitcher.
- HdyTitleBar:
  - Fix an accidental mix of natural and minimum sizes in measure().
- Harden the ABI by making symbols implicitly private and explicitly
- Translation updates:
  - Romanian
  - Ukrainian

======== (353K)
  sha256sum: fad98ecb18a9556aae333bd4e4b454ff3075c2c8077ef5d5f67f3cafe2e133ba

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