Re: Defining GNOME software (finally)

Allan Day <aday gnome org> wrote:
To make sure we don't have misplaced expectations, please remember that
this list cannot be used for deciding what repositories go into the
GNOME/ group on GitLab, because probably 90% of the stuff currently
there is not core and is therefore excluded from our definition, and
also because we add and remove things from core on a semi-regular basis
(e.g. we just removed gnome-themes-extra earlier this week). I continue
to recommend allowing experienced GNOME developers to create new
repositories there as needed.

We've considered this question a bit more on the board side, and think
we can adjust the policy enough to allow some flexibility around the
GNOME Gitlab group. I think we would like to see some alignment
between the modulesets and the group, but it doesn't have to be
absolute and we could have a lazy retirement policy - so a modules
that are removed from the modulesets can stick around in the Gitlab
group for a good period of time. Does that sound like it could work?


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