Move chronojump-server repo to a private gitlab (outside of GNOME)

Hello, I'm Xavier de Blas, main developer of Chronojump software

Chronojump software is GPL and it will continue with this license.

Currently we have these repos on GNOME gitlab:

- chronojump-web
- chronojump-server
- chronojump-docs
- chronojump

We have not decided yet if change or not the license of chronojump-server.
But we prefer to close this repo (and take out from the GNOME repository).

The code is mainly flask/Django created by few developers and not been transated by gnome teams. Developers:

- Marcos Venteo Garcia @mventeo
- Max Ros i Morejon @morcufrosty
- Carles Pina @cpina
- Xavier de Blas

The reason is: soon we will announce this service and we are afraid of having clones of our repo with no collaboration and we think Affero will not help on this.
So at the moment change of license will not be done, just we want to hide the repo.

We do not know what will happen with the copy of this repo on github.


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