GNOME Boxes | Feature Freeze

Although Express Installation is not a new feature for Boxes, adding
support for providing Ubuntu Express Installation may be ... and, in
order to be on the safe(r) side, I'd like to double-check whether we
need an exception to be given for pushing this work forward as part of
3.32 release.

The work that needs to be merged consists in:
  - last 8 commits, with some obvious changes to properly bump
libosinfo requirement;

Those are the changes required on Boxes and:
- no new strings are going to be added (apart from debug messages that
are not translated);
- no new UI is going to be required;

I'm going to roll out, by beginning of March (before March 6th) both a
libosinfo and an osinfo-db release in order to have *everything* in
place before the code freeze.

Can we have the bless and go for those changes for 3.32?

Best Regards,
Fabiano Fidêncio

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