g-c-c display panel UI freeze break request to closer match the 3.30 interface


during UI review of the display panel changes a few regressions were
found. The main change is that the scaling UI should be reverted to
match 3.30. The current UI was not quite finished with some more
experimentations happening that were not finalised.

The following changes are requested:

 * Revert scaling UI to closer match 3.30 (i.e. up to 5 buttons instead
   of a dropdown menu)
 * Move arrangement instructions outside of view area. This closer
   matches the 3.30 UI and avoids a UI regression where the monitors
   are clipped unexpectedly at the bottom while dragging.

These changes are based on feedback from the design team and the review

Screenshots of the panel comparing the 3.30, 3.31.90 and the patched
version can be found in the MR at:


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