BuildStream 1.1.4


  o `bst workspace` commands and `bst track` will substitute their
    source elements when performing those operations, e.g. performing
    `bst track` on a filter element will track the sources on the
    element that it depends on (if it has sources).

  o Added new simple `make` element

  o Switch to Remote Execution CAS-based artifact cache on all platforms.

    Artifact servers need to be migrated.

  o BuildStream now requires python version >= 3.5

  o BuildStream will now automatically clean up old artifacts when it
    runs out of space. The exact behavior is configurable in the user's

======== (420K)
  sha256sum: 973743c7f762246f94af270e2f168d6296b0c84396a86006019bc43ac0946c38

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